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What does living your best life mean to you?

The thing about living your best life is that it looks different for all of us.  Before you peak down below, take a second to reflect on what your best life looks like...


-Does it include a life full of quality relationships?  

-Does it include taking care of your mind, body, and soul?

-Does it include a balance of hard work and playful fun?


I am a firm believer that by bettering yourself, you are bettering everyone around you.  With this mindset everyone will continue to get better, not only at fitness, or nutrition, but also at building healthy relationships, a strong mind and soul, and the ability to work hard and enjoy your life!

I want to give you the tools to better yourself from the inside out!  With the combination of Workouts, Nutrition Advice, and Morning Rituals you'll be living your best life in no time!

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Monthly Lifestyle Membership

(+) - denotes charge in addition to base price

What to expect...

- Workouts -


The Mind Over Muscle Fitness App includes monthly programming designed by a Certified Personal Trainer.

The general programming in the Basic Membership is great for people who either already have a gym membership or are about to get one.  Someone who wants to be doing the same workouts as a supportive community that can help motivate and push them. The equipment we use include: Barbells, Dumbells, Kettlebells, and Machines.

(+) If you're in need of a more personal workout, then the Premier Package is for you.  Maybe there is a home gym in your garage (modified equipment) or have specific strength or hypertrophy goals, this package allows you that personal touch that you'll need to be successful! 

Reach out today and let's get you moving!

-Premier Membership: 

Mind Over Muscle Workouts

-Premier / Executive / V I P Memberships: Personalized Workouts

Personal Workouts

- Nutrition Advice -


Another great function of the app is that it connects with MyFitnessPal and FitBit to help keep track of your nutrition.

The Basic and Premier Membership come with nutritional tips and videos that can help you shape your own meal plan.  This is great if you are comfortable with your nutrition or only need some small tweaks here and there.  Many times nutrition is where people struggle the most, which is why I offer a higher level of nutritional help.

If you are looking to lose weight, have a better relationship with food, or want to put on some muscle, the Executive Membership may be the way to go!  We will start with a phone call, talk about your goals, and then get you set up with a plan for sucess!

          What level of coaching do you          need?

-Basic and Premier Membership: General Tips on Nutrition

-Executive and V I P Membership: 

Personalized Nutrition

Personal Nutrition

- Morning Rituals -


I have a personal story that most people wouldn't believe looking at me today.  But it's not really about me....

It's about you!  Anything is possible and

It's about you living your best life from the inside out.  Let me give you the tools to tune into your highest self.  The Basic, Premier, and Executive Memberships come with motivational videos to help keep you aligned with your goals and highest self.  Are you interested in exploring more???

The V I P Membership comes with personalized morning rituals,  that allow you to focus on areas of your life that you want to get more out of!  Your body, mind, soul, relationships, food, our world can have many blockages, but let's get headed in the right direction!

Are you ready to create the life you want?

-Premier and Executive Membership: General Tips on Mindset

-V I P Membership: 

Personalized Coaching

Personal Coaching

- Sample Workout Video -

Your programs are made by a Certified Personal Trainer that takes great pride in helping people move safely and efficiently.  

Here is an example of one of the videos that is included in the Mind Over Muscle Workouts!

Workout Videos:

- Audio Cues             - Keep track of sets, reps, etc...

- Visual Cues            - Get updated programming each month

- Written Cues          - Gain useful information about each exercise

- Progressions         - Regressions

About Me - Walt Frazier

Passion & Care


  Fitness is my passion and I want to share it with as many people as I can!  I try to bring love and light into this world through fitness and wellness.

  I've been told that when I train clients, they feel cared for and looked after, which is what I try to convey in my everyday life and in your videos.  Come workout safely and have fun in the process!



  Not only do I enjoy what I do, but I believe in what I do.  I work hard to give people products that exceed expectations by constantly expanding my knowledge. 

  I am TRX and KB certified, have over 500 hours of personal training specific training specializing in physiology, anatomy, nutrition, and movement. 


  I also have 3+ years experience as the Client Relationship Manager and "FitPro" at the best gym in Portland (Willamette Week 2016) Fulcrum Fitness!  


Personal Experience


  I have been on both sides of the coin.  The "athlete" you see today was once an out of shape, depressed mess.  I have since lost over 100lbs and am living my best life and trying to help others do the same!  We can all thrive!  Whether you work with me in person or through my app, I hope that personal touch comes through!

  I have built muscle, burned fat, and just wanted to be healthy and believe me...once you add the mindset behind it, you will fell like an "athlete" too!  When you feel that way, anything becomes possible.  Whatever you want to achieve, we will get there together!


Sign up if you are ready to be your better self each and every day!

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