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What do you need to reach your goals?
Workouts? Nutrition? Accountability?

These perceived obstacles are now obsolete with your hard work and the Mind Over Muscle Fitness App!

Mind Over Muscle Fitness App

- Movement - Meals - Mindset - Community - Results

What's stopping you from reaching your fitness goals?  

-Do you have a gym membership, but struggle getting safe and effective workouts?

-Nutrition is a broad subject which also means that it can be confusing, do you know where to start?

-Do you need to check-in with someone to help keep you accountable and motivated toward those goals?

*You are probably thinking "Who is this guy asking me all these questions?"

Well, check me out below :)

What's Included?



It is very important to move, especially as we age, but it is more important to move safely!  Top notch monthly programming designed by a Certified Personal Trainer with very detailed videos to ensure we stay safe with every move.  We can also easily track your progress, sets, reps, time, and even notes on how they felt!

*Workout Programming

*Keep track of progress

*Easy to follow videos

Get Moving!


As I said above, Nutrition is not just one singular thing.  It includes water intake, gut health, proper protein/fat/carb intake and more to ensure we feel amazing while also reaching our goal to look amazing :)

*Personalized Meal Plans

*Connects with MyFitnessPal

*Eat Well to Feel Well!

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Your mind must be in the right place for you to make change!  Living a healthy lifestyle isn't just about how you look, it includes how you feel and how you make people around you feel.  You will get weekly check-ins from me as well as encouragement from a supportive, helpful, and diverse fitness community!  Make this the last time you fall off your "plan", and let's make the long-lasting change!

*Track and post your progress

*Motivate others to stay on track!

*Make the lifestyle change!

Join the FitFam!


"Movement is a celebration!"

 These detailed videos are unlike any other!  With visual, written, and audio cues from a certified personal trainer,  your workouts will be safe and efficient!  

 Videos are available on your phone and tablet so your personal trainer is now at your fingertips!

*Tell me what equipment you have available to you and let's get started! 


Personalized For You!


Let's work together!  Tell me what your schedule looks like and I will plan a path to success for the month!

That path is different for everyone, and has ups and downs and twirls, but anytime you need help, you will have a direct line to me!  I hope you just don't get sick of me :)

There is nothing that you cannot overcome with proper preparation, the right mindset, and a solid support system! 

Reach your goals!


Many of us have a common goal to "lose a few pounds" or  "get those muscles back I lost after college", even if you just want a better quality of life, this is for everybody! 

I have experienced all three of these sensations and want to help you reach those goals, set more goals, and smash those too!  

If you think about it - Every single day you are either getting further away or closer to your goals!



Being healthy is not a destination, but instead is a way of living.  Let's find the mindset and the "diet" that work for you: 

One that allows you to have fun and enjoy yourself while getting the results you desire! 

 Results = Consistency + Time

Connects to MyFitnessPal!


If you've used MyFitnessPal previously, you know how easy they make it to track food!  If you haven't used the app, then you are most likely making your meal planning too stressful!

The good thing is that you can just scan your foods and enter in how much you have and it keeps track of your macro-nutrients (protein, fat, carbs)

As your trainer, I will be able to set certain numbers of protein, carbs, and fat for you to hit so that you are getting the body you want!  Take the guess work out of it and make me do the work ;)


Mindful in our Movement!

Working out is the best type of therapy!  Leave the craziness of the outside world behind and focus on you and your body.  

Movement - The videos you will receive ensure safety and efficiency with audio and visual cues!  Knowing what muscles you are supposed to be feeling will take the workouts to the next level!

Tell me what equipment you have access to, how often you can workout, and what your goals are so we can work together to get you there!

Mindful in our Meals!

If you have physical goals and want to achieve them, you must put just as much focus into your nutrition as you do your workouts.

Meals - We will work together to find a meal plan that works for you!  One that is effective and gets you on the path toward your goals, but also will be sustainable in the long run!

Many times this is the most difficult part when making change, so let me give a helping hand by keeping you accountable!

Mindful in Community!

Through personal experience I've come to see that positivity wins, especially when it comes to bettering yourself physically and mentally! 

Mind Over Muscle Fitness Community Reach out to like minded people right in the app and push each other!  You can post your progress, make an Accountability Group, and motivate others!

Join the FitFam today and see the difference that having those few extra people in your corner really makes!

About Me - Walt Frazier

*Passion & Care


  Fitness is my passion and I want to share it with as many people as I can!  I try to bring love and light into this world through fitness and wellness.

  I've been told that when I train clients, they feel cared for and looked after, which is what I try to convey in my everyday life and in your videos.  Come workout safely and have fun in the process!



  Not only do I enjoy what I do, but I believe in what I do.  I work hard to give people products that exceed expectations by constantly expanding my knowledge. 

  I am TRX and KB certified, have over 500 hours of personal training specific training specializing in physiology, anatomy, nutrition, and movement. 


  I also have 2+ years experience as the Client Relationship Manager at the best gym in Portland (Willamette Week 2016) Fulcrum Fitness!  

  *Special shoutout to the FitFam! (MLK, Hawthorne, Burnside, and Vancouver!)

  *If you live in the Portland area, contact me now for a session!  I'd love to work with you in person!

*Personal Experience


  I have been on both sides of the coin.  The "athlete" you see today was once an out of shape, depressed mess.  I have since lost over 100lbs and am living my best life and trying to help others do the same!  We can all thrive!  Whether you work with me in person or through my app, I hope that personal touch comes through!

  I have built muscle, burned fat, and just wanted to be healthy and believe me...once you add the mindset behind it, you will fell like an "athlete" too!  When you feel that way, anything becomes possible.  Whatever you want to achieve, we will get there together!

Why Mind Over Muscle?



Packages start at $20, for basic programming that meets most peoples needs.  If you do want a more personalized experience, I specialize in body transformation.  I myself have lost over 100lbs and continue to strive towards goals I never thought possible.  If you need or want that 1-on-1 touch that personal coaching provides let me know!  I look forward to giving you the mindset you need to achieve anything you desire!

  Tell me what your average week looks like and we will figure out your blueprint to success.  The key is to find the right combination that works for you!

-Top Notch Workouts (with videos)

  You will get some of the best workouts each week, made by a certified trainer, who care about you and your results.  Whether you are working out at a "Big Box" gym, or have a few kettlebells at home, let's get in some movement! 

             **But wait.......movement alone is not enough!  It is important we move safely so that we can continue to move!                    


Detailed videos along with audio, written, and visual cues that ensure your safety and efficiency with every move.  These videos will take your workout to the next level and make sure we are feeling the muscles you should be!  Let's get moving!  We have videos for people who go to the gym / Also available are KB and TRX Workout that you can do from home!

-Next Level Nutrition

  It is my goal to have everyone that I work with find a way of eating that works for them.  Together we will create a plan that will work toward your goals, but will also keep you happy and sane!  Some of the foods that you love, paired up with some that your body loves!

  Eating good, quality food should not be thought of as a chore, but as a blessing.  There are many foods that we will eat because they are good for our bodies, but let's not forget the foods that are good for our souls!  


 Results  =  Consistency + Time  

 Staying on track can sometimes be tough, especially alone.  That is why I want to be at your fingertips at all times (hope that doesn't sound weird ;)  I will be a quick message or call away if you need that extra bit of support that sometimes comes up when making big life changes!

-Positivity and Results!

  Through many personal experiences inside and outside of the gym, I have come to the conclusion that positivity will always win!  Working out and eating right not only change you physically, but also physiologically and mentally.  

  I am also aware that the main reason people workout is because they want results!  Of course, I'm POSITIVE you will love these RESULTS with Mind Over Muscle! (see what I did there) :)

-More Questions?

If you have any more questions about Mind Over Muscle or have some quick fitness questions please email me now and I will reach out soon!  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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