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    Be part of a supportive fitness community

    Fitness can be a big mountain to climb, especially solo.  Don't go the journey alone any longer!  Become a member of Mind Over Muscle and you will feel supported by the community to reach your fitness goals!

    Includes the Mind Over Muscle App

    Most of us nowadays are on the phone for business and pleasure, but what if we used it for our fitness and well-being. Workout videos, nutrition tracking, accountability, and your fitness community with you at all times!

    Motivation and Tips to live your best life

    You will receive daily reminders to stay the course and live a positive healthy lifestyle.  Nowadays it is easy to get distracted and fall off track, but not you, not this time!


    Safe, effective workouts made by a certified trainer for everyone in the community.  This gives us the chance to ask questions, help each other progress, and form that fitness bond between members!


    Nutrition is an essential piece of the equation!  We encourage people to find the nutrition that works for them and stick with it!  Many "diets" will work, but is it sustainable....that's the key. 

    Personalized Nutrition also available!


    It's inevitable that you will have questions during this process, so what is better than asking the FitFam?  You can reach out to your fellow members, ask the questions to the entire community,  to your trainer, that's me!


    Special pricing for military, disabled, and elderly!

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