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    Corinne wanted to look dope for her 20 year reunion!

    "With my 20-year high school reunion right around the corner, I contacted Walt and said something to the effect of, "Hi. Can you help me get in the dopest shape of my life? In six weeks?" To be fair, I run, mountain bike, and lift at the gym regularly. I felt like I was in good shape. I was really looking to take it to the next level - commit to an individualized workout regimen and diet plan to get my arms, legs, and booty looking amazing. I am someone that loves a good trail run. I'm also someone that loves a delicious beer after said trail run. 

    In contacting Walt, I was really looking for three things: accountability, specific exercises to help me target areas where I was looking to lean out the most, and to package it in such a way that I wouldn't be spending more than 1.5 hours in the gym per day. Running my pediatric acupuncture clinic takes a lot of time and care every day, and I needed something that could fit easily into my crazy schedule. Let me just say that Walt delivered. And then some!

    The app was super easy to use, and I never got bored with my workouts. When I was traveling for a week, without access to a gym, he updated my app with a weeks worth of intense body weight exercises that totally kicked my butt - I didn't miss the gym at all. The diet was super easy to follow, and I wasn't hungry once (which for me is HUGE!) I was allowed one cheat meal a week, where my hubby and I would do a date pizza or pasta night that totally satiated my desire for "naughtier" foods. And on the night of my reunion, I stepped into my little black dress, and I felt SO good about myself. It was more than just feeling like my body looked good, I felt accomplished. I felt like I set a goal, worked hard, and attained that goal. I loved working with Walt so much that I've continued with a post-reunion plan that's been just as awesome." 

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